I recently got to take a trip to California February 20-24, and I absolutely loved it. I've been wanting to visit Cali forever now, so this trip was the best Christmas Present ever! My best friend Maddy turned 21 on February 22, so what a perfect excuse to make a trip down to visit! :)

I've always had a love for Hawaii, or anywhere with a beach and palm trees. I definitely fell in love with California instantly! I love the style, the atmosphere, and the food is LIFE CHANGING. I went to some of the best and most fresh restaurants I've ever been to! My favorites were Mendocino Farms, Lemonade and Urth Caffe. They have the best salads that I've ever had! I think that working in California for at least a little bit would really broaden my horizons and allow me to grow more as a Graphic Designer. Or even working with an agency that has an office over there so I can take travel time to go there as well ;)

Here are some pictures from the trip! I was mostly in the LA, Santa Monica and Venice.


I had so much fun for the long weekend and I definitely want to go back as soon as I can!

- K