A Little Update!

Hello! First semester of my senior year at UMD has been a crazy one for me, but I am now enjoying my time off for winter break! I've had fun relaxing, drawing, and working. Well, that is a different kind of fun ;)

Anyway, some key points of my first semester of senior year was going on Design Studio Tours in Minneapolis! As the Event Coordinator of UMD's Student Design Organization (SDO), I had fun picking studios and planning tours in November. We had a great time visiting Knock, Carbon, Space 150, Kick, and Duffy. Visiting design firms inspire me and get me excited to see what the future has in store! We all took lots of tips and pointers to improve ourselves, and to learn how to get as ready as we can to apply for jobs. Applying for jobs is next on the list for me! I'm looking forward to working with others, getting new ideas, and to constantly learn.


One of my projects I've done this semester was branding a cupcake shop called "Frost Bites" located in Duluth, MN. Here is a sneak peek of the logo!


Well there's a little update on me! I'm getting everything ready for my final college semester, and I can't wait to see where I go from here!