Hello, My name is Kaylyn!

I am a creative mind, explorer, picture-hoarder, self-motivator, foodie, who will laugh at all corny jokes.

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I went to school for Graphic Design, but always knew it wouldn't stop there. After many amazing Graphic Design opportunities, I taught myself photo and video along the way and landed a Content Creator position at a startup company - Love Your Melon. I am now managing the creative team at Love Your Melon as the Digital Media Manager.

I am always trying to think of different ways to solve problems. My style is very detail oriented, but playful. It is important to me that every creative aspect being put out is perfect for the client's needs. I am very passionate in everything that I do, and I will work extremely hard to achieve any goal. Helping clients build a stronger company and achieve their vision is my favorite thing.

I’m the type of person who would have 50 different professions if I could: graphic designer, blogger, photographer, videographer, content creator, Youtuber, vlogger, hair stylist, makeup artist, clothing designer, wedding planner, personal trainer, entrepreneur, food-photographer, artist… but why can’t we?

Topics of Interest: Food Network, HGTV, overly dramatic reality shows, sushi, fitness, photography, making cool videos, concerts, good online shopping sites, blogging, trendy new restaurants, the best places to hike, painting, the next cool place to travel or my (parent's) dog's modeling career.

If you want to say hello, email me at kaylynwebb@gmail.com


Education is BFA in Graphic Design from University of MN, Duluth

Hometown is Minneapolis, MN